About Us

Why Plant & Pestle came to be.


Plant and Pestle all started because James and Emma needed it themselves.

James and Emma are both Pharmacists, and had left the traditional ‘Pharmacy World’ to establish Australian Nutrition Centre – a functional medicine practice which now sees over 40 patients a week, focussing on fixing people using functional medicine.

As part of their patient care they would be directing patients to stop using commonly used skin care products, deodorants, household products and other cosmetics knowing how these chemicals can disrupt the health of people and children without them knowing.

Knowing that an individual’s DNA alterations can make them more susceptible to nutrient deficiency, disease expression and issues with detoxification, people need to be incredibly mindful of what they’re eating, exposing their skin to and how they are supplementing.

Before long, one-size-fits all wasn’t sitting right with them. They knew that patients would and could respond better if their products were tailored to them.

Being Pharmacists, they started compounding for their own patients and themselves.

Upon the arrival of their son Harvey, as parents do, they wanted to be even more careful with what they used on their son. A quick search of the market yielded horrible options for a child’s skin (they couldn’t believe they let people use this stuff on skin, let alone babies). They started making their own wash for Harvey and fell in love with it, and started sharing with friends.

Plant and Pestle was born.

Customised nutritional supplements and skin care, based on your unique bio-blueprint.